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GovReady Version 0.9.0


October, 17 2019

GovReady 0.9.0

Sharpening the User Experience, Heightening Compliance

With 0.9.0, our questionnaires load and launch much faster than before thanks to our newly improved scanning approach. By scanning from the database, we can now remove the app catalog cache speeding up the whole system.

We simplified our install process by removing the hassle of wrangling subdomains. Now, you can deploy GovReady easily on new systems with limited configuring. You can see our new install instructions here.

Subdomain multi-tenancy has been replaced with a “Portfolios” feature that allows for easy organization of related projects. Now all pages are served from the same domain cutting back on re-login across subdomains.

Authoring has been reconfigured to make creating assessments easier. We also rolled out a new start page that lets users dive into GovReady Q right away!

Projects and Assessments

Release 0.9.0 also marks a shift in our vocabulary. The “compliance app” terminology that we used in previous versions has been replaced with a new plain language approach opting instead of the terms “projects” and “assessment” in all end user pages. Additionally, version 0.9.0 comes pre-installed with three demo assessments to model use cases for GovReady.

You can read more about 0.9.0's new features, migration process from 0.8.6, and comparison screenshots here.