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GovReady Proposes Control Family Working Groups for FedRAMP Ideation Challenge


September, 09 2019

Earlier this summer, the FedRAMP PMO launched the "FedRAMP Ideation Challenge" which invites bold, innovative, and actionable ideas from the compliance community in order to help transform how government approaches risk assessments and security authorizations for cloud products and services. Security and cloud professionals, academia, and anyone else interested in the FedRAMP ecosystem were invited to share their perspectives on the next phase of FedRAMP.

For our submission to the Challenge, GovReady proposed the creation of working groups associated with each of the NIST RMF Control Families to promote better evidence collection and standards for the security controls within that family. We named these working groups FedCHAMPs for "Federal Control Harmonization Assessment and Management Partnerships". You can read more below about what specific challenges FedCHAMPs could address and how adopting working groups could deepen the continuous monitoring environment the FedRAMP operates in today.

Download GovReady's Submission

For more information on the FedRamp Ideation Challenge, click here.