Compliance. Made easy.

About GovReady

Founded in 2014 by one of the first Chief Data Officers in the Federal government, GovReady is built on the premise that compliance is a separate practice from cybersecurity that focuses on information management.

We have developed approaches and open source software that combine Compliance-as-Code with incredibly user-friendly interfaces. Our open source software supports all steps of the Risk Management Framework but has a particular focus on the first three steps in order to shift compliance (and cybersecurity) left in the system development life cycle.

Who’s using GovReady and how are they using it?

Government Defense Agency 
Chief Security Architect is piloting GovReady to replace various PDF compliance forms and guide Low Impact system through lightweight ATO.

Fortune 100 Healthcare Company
Internal cybersecurity risk management team transformed their complex assessment spreadsheet into a white-labeled, online questionnaire and risk report with GovReady.

Software Company Engineering team has integrated GovReady into its software product to coordinate agreement documentation between Federal agencies as well as collect evidence.

Meet the Team

Greg Elin

Greg Elin is the founder and CEO of GovReady, former Chief Data Officer of the FCC, and has several years experience in Compliance as Code and participation in the Open Control and NIST Open Security Control Assessment Language (OSCAL) standards.

Dayton Williams

Dayton Williams leads Operations and Policy at GovReady PBC. Mr. Williams has supported GovReady PBC’s compliance initiatives in various federal agencies and specializes in RMF compliance automation. In his spare time, Mr. Williams produces a cybersecurity podcast, DCyrpted and is a contributing writer for Brown Technical Review.

Alexander Ward

As the CTO of GovReady, Alexander Ward is responsible for the technical direction and strategy to meet business objectives. Mr. Ward has led many teams in support of multiple federal agencies and private sector companies. His career has spread across two disciplines, Full Stack Engineering and Cyber Security; allowing him to provide insight and direction at GovReady.

David Ampofo

David Ampofo is a Software Engineer at GovReady PBC with extensive experience in Python. As an engineer at GovReady, Mr. Ampofo is responsible for new features, open-source contribution quality, and documentation for the GovReady PBC's codebase. Mr. Ampofo has a B.A. in Biology and Psychology from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and an M.S. in Psychology from the University of Maryland

Peter Kaminski

Peter Kaminski is a software development and deployment consultant with GovReady. He has been a technical cofounder or startup coach for a number of Silicon Valley startups, and a consultant to larger enterprises, nonprofits, and NGOs. With decades of experience, he provides intelligent and experienced insight in product and service development and operations.

Ryan Toni

Ryan C. Toni is an accomplished Business Development Executive, Team Leader, and Connector with 20+ years experience across Federal, State and Commercial markets. He’s achieved an MBA focused on National Security from George Mason University, a BS in Health Policy from Pennsylvania State University, and a Cybersecurity Certification from Georgetown University.

David Vernon

David Vernon is the Principal of Vernon & Company, specializing in Cybersecurity, ML/DevOps, AI/ML, Cloud, & Geospatial consulting and teamed with GovReady PBC. David has supported many U.S. government & commercial efforts, such as intelligence community cybersecurity, data, & cloud innovation initiatives, including helping NGA develop & launch its ATO-in-a-Day vision & transformation.