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GovReady has been acquired by RegScale!

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Compliance is not security

GovReady has developed and demonstrated a methodology for automation of compliance processes and documentation leveraging reusable content that greatly reduces the burden on security professionals.

Based on the philosophy of Compliance-as-Code, GovReady-Q facilitates a compliance authorization process that is entirely machine readable and reusable. Control implementation statements, privacy information, control baselines, and POA&Ms can be imported and exported from GovReady-Q entirely in code.

Open Source

Software is free to use and customize. Fully transparent code base. No vendor lock-in.

Open Control

Files are Version-controllable and easily updatable. Inherit data instead of copying and pasting.


Fully compatible with Open Security Controls Assessment Language.

Empower with Continuous Compliance

GovReady is the creation of data gurus with over 25 years of making government data accessible and comprehensible.

Unlike existing GRC tools, GovReady’s design leverages automation and an improved user experience to make sense of muddled compliance activities and reduces vulnerabilities introduced by lengthy authorization processes.

GovReady’s platform transforms clunky Excel and PDF forms into a sleek, online environment that connects with organizational data to complete assessments and compliance packages.

GovReady’s platform democratizes compliance and security by collecting and reusing data from previous assessments, increasing the speed of authorization and reducing time needlessly replicating documentation.

Built for organizational collaboration, GovReady breaks down barriers by allowing teams to work together on assessments and allow management offices to easily track assessment progress.

Easy to use

Easily navigable point and click interface for teams of all technical expertise. More advanced developer functions accessible through documentation.


Web application guides users through the compliance process. Imputes and autofills information to reduce time to completion.


Work through assessments as a team. Comment, assign, and notify team members throughout assessment. Easily reviewable by authorizing officials and management for maximum accountability.


From applications to questionnaires to design, GovReady-Q is entirely extensible. Adjust to match your organization’s practices, processes, and style.


Import components and control implementation statements via the OSCAL format. Export deliverables like Privacy Threshold Analysis (PTA) and System Security Plan (SSP).

User-Friendly & Well Documented

Read the Docs

Read the Docs is a software documentation hosting platform where GovReady publishes documentation about the GovReady-Q product such as installation instructions and System Requirements.

Training Videos

To complement the Training Manuals, GovReady has recorded more than a dozen short Training Videos showing how to navigate and use the GovReady-Q application.

Training Manuals

GovReady prepares custom Training Manuals for organizational deployments upon request. Contact us for support and training opportunities.

ATO Deliverable Docs

The list and descriptions of ATO Artifacts can be found here.